Pompeo: America Has An Important Ally In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo weighs in on the French terror attack, border security, the Jamal Khashoggi murder, China, his speech in Brussels, and Russian nuclear jets in Venezuela on 'Fox & Friends.'

EARHARDT: Let's talk about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The president doubled down on his support of the Saudi crown prince, said he's a good ally. You have some senators that are calling for more action. They want condemnation. They want him to be penalized.

You're going to be briefing the House today. What do you plan on saying?

POMPEO: So we're going to say to the House what we've said to the American people. President Trump has made very clear the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was a tragic incident. It was heinous. It was not something that America approves of. We've already held a number of individuals accountable by putting sanctions on them. Those that we have evidence were directly involved. We'll continue to develop the facts.

But America has an important ally in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They work with us on issues that provide security for America and for Israel. It is an important relationship with the kingdom and we intend to continue to protect the American people in the way that voters back two years ago demanded.

KILMEADE: Right. But, Mr. Secretary, they're the ones who are -- who are putting it in peril, not us. They're the ones who have evidently pulled this off. And when you have people like Lindsey Graham, hardly an enemy of the White House, and Bob Corker and others say this is a smoking saw not a smoking gun, and you even have audiotapes. We know the prince knows, right?

You know. You -- you looked him in the eye. You know that he knows.

POMPEO: I've -- I've have spoken to the king, King Salman. I've spoken to the crown prince a number of times since the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. And it is absolutely America's intent to hold everyone accountable who was responsible for this.

KILMEADE: So that's, yes, you -- when you looked him in the eye and he denied it, did you believe him?

POMPEO: That's -- the kingdom of Saudi Arabia decides who's running the country. I think this is what the president said yesterday. We are working closely with the kingdom to make sure that America is protected. That's -- that's -- that's our interest there.

EARHARDT: What's your response -- the CIA says that they're highly confident that -- that the Saudi crowned prince did order the murder of Khashoggi.

POMPEO: Yes, some of the reporting that you've seen on that has been inaccurate.

KILMEADE: Is that part --

EARHARDT: That's false?

KILMEADE: Is that inaccurate?

POMPEO: Look -- look, we all know that they're still working on this. This is still a developing set of facts with respect to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The intelligence community is working diligently on that.

The direct evidence, this is what I've said before, the direct evidence isn't yet available. It may show up tomorrow. It may have shown up overnight and I haven't seen it. But President Trump is -- President Trump --

EARHARDT: Someone has to pay the price, though, it's so brutal. Apparently those audiotapes are awful.

POMPEO: Well, we -- the Saudis have already paid the price. There are the folks who actually committed the murder, we've held accountable. We will continue to do that. No one under estimates how horrible this murder was.

But, remember, Iran is running rampant throughout the Middle East. The death of any one individual is awful. The death of hundreds of thousands of people in Europe or the Middle East or the United States matters an awful lot. President Trump is committed to protecting America.

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