Rep. Chris Van Hollen: Comey Is "Scared To Death" Trump Is Taking A "Wrecking Ball" To The Justice Department


Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen reacts to James Comey calling on Americans to "use every breath" to oust Trump in 2020, saying the fired FBI director has every right to speak out because he is "scared to death" that the president is "taking a wrecking ball" to the Department of Justice.

KEILAR: I want to ask you about former FBI Director James Comey. Last night he was at an event at the 92nd Street Y in New York and he said, quote, all of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021. Is it appropriate for him to be so political when it comes to President Trump?

VAN HOLLEN: Well, he is now a private citizen. And so I believe, in fact, he -- he thinks he has an obligation --

KEILAR: And a witness in an active investigation though, right? And also --

VAN HOLLEN: That's right.

KEILAR: I mean it's not as if he's divorced from this entire process.

VAN HOLLEN: No. No, no, he's not, but I think it's appropriate for him to express his views as he has said publicly. He is scared to death that this president is taking a wrecking ball to the Department of Justices, that this president doesn't respect the rule of law. And if you feel that way, and I share his feelings, I think people need to do everything they can to make sure that we change out this president in 2020.

KEILAR: Do you worry that he just plays into the role that the president has cast him in a biased former FBI director, that maybe that doesn't serve Democrats?

VAN HOLLEN: Well, look, I think he's got to make that assessment. I think that he obviously has to be cautious about that. But, at the same time, I think he rightfully feels an obligation as a citizen of this great country to speak out and express his views when he thinks there's a clear and present danger to our democracy.

Look, he was in the meeting with the president when the president indicated that he did not want Comey and the FBI to move forward with the Michael Flynn investigation. Now we have a situation where it looks like Flynn was able to give important information to Mueller, the special counsel. None of that would have happened if the president had his way. And it was clear the president was and has been trying to put every obstacle in the path of the Mueller investigation and the effort to get to the truth here. That's what the president's been up to and I do think it's dangerous to our democracy and to protecting the rule of law.

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