Fitton: Dossier Looks Like A Smear Operation Of The Russians Through the Clinton Campaign


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discussed Former FBI Director James Comey's congressional testimony on Fox & Friends First.

HEATHER CHILDERS, FOX NEWS: Welcome back to "Fox Friends First". Lawmakers sifting through more than 200 pages of transcripts from Former FBI Director James Comey’s marathon testimony. So what did we learn? Joining me now is the President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton. Thank you so much for joining us. I know you were up late last night it's going to be a very busy day again today, we appreciate your time. let's get right to it though. some of the main takeaways one of them obviously was that James Comey did not appear to remember a lot or he did not know a lot to begin with. but he said I don't know at least 156 times amongst a lot of other variations of that.

TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH: It wouldn’t be so bad if he professed ignorance on minor topics, but he professed ignorance on a lot of key aspects of the FISA. The details about what for instance who funded it because he signed off on at least one of the FISA warrants that targeted Carter Page and the Trump Team. He professed not to know more about the origins beyond what he read in the newspapers later. That is concerning given that a review of the personal application that have been released shows that that courts were misled. They were told that this dossier for instance had origins in political opposition to president but wasn’t told the Clinton campaign was behind it.

CHILDERS: And the pages and pages of testimony. The anti- trump dossier was in fact unverified.

FITTON: He confirmed what we already knew that it was cooperated. they concluded that in his report earlier this year and he was pushed on by the left. When they first applied to the courts and when it was renewed. Remember the dossier was used with the help of Russia intel according to the fusion GPS. It looks like a smear operation by the Russians through the Clinton camp with the willing help of the FBI and frankly now the Mueller observation.

CHILDERS: The issue of verification. the intel sources say that presenting is singled fact that throws into account this whole woods procedure which needs to be followed in order for the FISA to be granted.

FITTON: It's one thing to say hey we like the source but if they can't find a substantiation for what the source is telling them. and there not telling the court that that's a real problem.

CHILDERS: The four Americans that were apparently under investigation but not President Trump.

FITTON: That is important. Those are all people associated with the Trump campaign. That includes Carter Page. James Comey tried to pretend just because we are targeting four people on the trump campaign doesn't mean we are targeting the trump campaign. who is he kidding?

CHILDERS: let's move to the fourth one. he defended the FBI agent Peter Strozk. There was no indication of bias. he just said who are you kidding. you can probably say that here too.

FITTON: He said that if he was on this. this is what is really frustrating. If he knew what the texts were at the time, he would've pulled him them off the Clinton and the Russia case. Later he said it was a conspiracy theory. He want to have it both ways and it shows you that Mr. Comey may have some Strozk problems also given his biases.

CHILDERS: But he is not friends with Robert Mueller, he doesn't have his personal cell phone number. he hasn't been able to come over to his house. What do you think about that?

FITTON: There is a Washington post story and not too long ago talking about them being brothers in arms. It doesn't matter in the sense that they have a professional relationship and he specifically leaked information to get a special concert going and now Mueller using him as the witness. And people are concerned about the conflicts legitimately since they have this long and close working relationship.

CHILDERS: And you're testifying before congress on December 13.

FITTON: This Thursday on the Clinton Foundation issue. This is the hearing that has been put off a few weeks and we will see what happens but we broke open the pay to play scandal.

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