Blumenthal: Danger Is That Bill Barr Will Commit A "Saturday Night Massacre In Slow Motion"


On Friday night's Hardbal on MSNBC, Sen. Richard Blumenthal raised concerns that Trump's pick to be attorney general, Bill Barr, could commit a "Saturday Night Massacre in slow motion" to halt the special counsel's investigation into President Trump.

He said he will demand the new attorney general commit specifically to protect the special counsel's investigation.

RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: I think my Republican colleagues are going to be very, very interested in those answers. I think they want this investigation to be completed. And their fear is that there’s an attorney general who will in effect commit another Saturday Night Massacre, even if it’s a Saturday Night Massacre in slow motion, which is the danger from the acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker. And remember, William Barr has cast aspersions on the prosecutors in Bob Mueller’s office. He has said that Hillary Clinton and Uranium One are worthier of investigation than collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians or obstruction of justice. And I want specific definite commitments he is going to protect the special counsel. I’m going press for legislation that will require full disclosure of any findings in evidence from the special counsel, including a report. And I think those kinds of commitments are absolutely necessary, and Democrats, as well as Republicans, can unite about them.

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