Dershowitz: Cohen Sentencing Memo Shows "Cooperating With The Government" A "Risky Act"


Law professor Alan Dershowitz said the sentencing recommendation memo for Michael Cohen is actually bad news for special counsel Robert Mueller because in Cohen they found someone they thought would give them "the key to the kingdom," but ultimately didn't turn out that way.

"Right now it doesn't like it is good news for Mueller," he said of Cohen. "It doesn't sound like in Cohen they have found a witness that will give them the key to the kingdom. So far the only solid evidence that he has provided is the campaign contribution issue and it is a very, very weak case because a president is entitled to pay off women in order to help his family, help his brand. And even if it was to help the campaign remember the timing. He wouldn't have to file anything until after the election. So I think many courts would say no harm, no foul even after the election... the campaign contribution case is an extraordinarily weak one."

"Cooperating with the government is an extraordinarily risky act," Dershowitz said on Friday's edition of 'The Five' on FOX News. "If the government has too much control, in the Manafort case, they don't like what he said, so they're going to say he hasn't been cooperating, he's lying and the deal is off. Here they can say, he's given us this information but still, we're going to recommend a harsh sentence."

"I think it sends a message to potential cooperators be a little bit wary of cooperating with this special counsel, because in the end, you may not get much in exchange for your cooperation," he advised.

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