Tucker Carlson: Is The Mueller Probe Worth It For Democrats?


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Speaking of liberals, they are thrilled these days by the Mueller investigation. It seems like all upside at this point. Their political opponents are being harassed day and night. Some may soon be indicted. The administration can barely govern with all the noise about Russia. Robert Mueller is said to be a Republican. But in effect he’s doing the heavy lifting for the Democratic Party. If you’re a progressive who hates Trump, it’s like Christmas every day.

Or is it? Writer T.A. Frank has his doubts. Frank is no right winger. He doesn’t like Donald Trump. But he’s thought this through. In an insightful piece for Vanity Fair, Frank wonders if liberals will look back and consider the Mueller investigation worth it. In response to criticism from the left, Frank notes, quote, "Trump's White House has pursued what is arguably the harshest set of policies toward Russia since the fall of Communism. Hardly something to celebrate. Yet nearly all the pressure, from the center-left as much as the right, is toward making it even tougher." Is it really wise to risk war with a nuclear-armed power solely for short term political advantage? Frank wonders.

And then this, which ought to be printed and taped to the fridge in the kitchen of every Democratic political consultant in Washington. Quote: "The weapons you create for your side today will be used by the other side against you tomorrow. Do we really want the special-counsel investigation to become a staple of presidential life? It's a creation with few boundaries on scope and a setup that encourages the selection of a suspect followed by a search for the crime, rather than the other way around."

Good point. Democrats are telling us that Robert Mueller is above the reach of government. Any executive branch oversight of his investigation qualifies as an impeachable offense. In their telling, Mueller is a God-prosecutor, accountable only to himself. But will Democrats be comfortable with this standard when the next independent counsel investigates the next Democratic president? And more to the point, what ever happened to representative government? Shouldn’t all federal employees answer to elected officials, who answer to voters? Not anymore. In the name of defending democracy, the left is weakening it. Democrats don’t seem to understand that now. They’re having too much fun watching their enemies suffer. But they will. And they’ll regret it.

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