Brennan: Trump Is "Increasingly Desperate" About Mueller Probe, Sees "Walls Closing In On Him"


On MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Friday, former CIA director John Brennan commented on the series of tweets sent by the president regarding what he wants to see in the Mueller investigation.

"I think Mr. Trump is seeing more and more of the walls closing in on him, which is why he’s becoming increasingly desperate, but I think some of his tweets just indicate how ill-suited he is for the presidency and his handling of some of these issues demonstrates again he’s incompetent," Brennan said.

BRENNAN: I think if you just look at his tweets and his comments and his increasingly desperate attitude, I think he has a lot to fear, which is why he continues to try to delegitimatize the Mueller team’s efforts and the investigation overall. So, Mr. Trump knows what he has done in the past. I think he has demonstrated a lack of ethics, a lack of principle, and whether it be in his government affairs or in his private business dealings, this is something that’s going to, I think, come back and haunt him.

(Hat tip: Breitbart Video)

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