Ralph Peters on Mike Flynn: "I'd Send Him To Jail For Life"


CNN military analyst Ret. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said he would send Rt. Gen. Mike Flynn away "for life" and said he "betrayed his country." From Tuesday's Anderson Cooper 360:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Right. And as Shimon said, there is still ongoing investigation. As we continue to look through it, I want to bring in former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, also Laura Coates is back, analyst and author, retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters is with us as well.

Colonel Peters, are you surprised at the recommendation for no jail time?

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS (RET.), U.S. ARMY: No, I 'm not because I think Mueller's playing chess. Trump is sending the signal, "Hey, shut and I'll pardon you." Mueller is sending the signal that, "You cooperate and you might get to go home."

And, you know, General Clapper and I were talking about this earlier. I really have mixed feelings about this, because as a former officer I'd send him to jail for life. He betrayed his country. But, as someone who has known Mike since 1985 and he has served his country well, he was a superb officer --

COOPER: In the field.

PETERS: Yes, was not a strategist. He's not a strategic level officer. But just in Afghanistan and Iraq, just terrific work. So, you know, you wind up being torn about it. You know, on a personal level, his life is already ruined. He is broke. A proud man has been humbled to the nth degree.

But on the other hand, this was -- to me, for a former officer and a military intelligence general to have done what he did with the Russians, and we don't even know all the details yet, he may be pardonable, but it's unforgivable.

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