CNN's Phil Mudd on Mueller: Size 16 Shoe Is About To Drop


Former CIA officer Phil Mudd and former prosecutor Laura Coates discuss the significance of Robert Mueller's filing detailing the cooperation of President Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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JOHN BERMAN, CNN HOST: So Phil, let's go to you first, since frankly, you scare me on a good day and now I've offended you. When you see the redactions in this memo -- and you worked for Robert Mueller; you know how he works -- what do you see here?

PHIL MUDD, CNN COUNTERTERRORISM ANALYST: I'm putting a bunch of pieces together that aren't evident but look pretty clear to me. No. 1, you've got to combine what the document says with the information, for example, about the extent of interviews like Don McGahn with other people from the White House. You've got to look at the number of times that this individual, General Flynn, met with the special counsel.

Look at another thing. There's specific reference, not to investigating lies by other individuals or money trails, which is what got Paul Manafort. The specific reference is to cooperation on Russia. So if you put the quantity of information together, the fact that there's specific reference to Russia, three ongoing investigations mentioned in that document, I'm going to tell you one thing I take away.

There's about a size 16 shoe going to drop here, and that shoe is not going to be related to lying, or to just financial irregularities, which we've seen in the past. I think they're centering in on the core of the investigation, which is what Flynn and others are saying about cooperation with Russia. I think it's going to happen.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN HOST: Well, Phil, that gets to your point. He alluded to these three investigations. So one of them is the Mueller investigation. Is the other one the Southern District of New York? Or what -- what are the other two investigations?

MUDD: I can only -- I mean, I'm going to guess here, as Neil Katyal was talking about a few minutes ago on the show. There's a couple of things that I was thinking about when I was reading the document.

You look at categories of investigation, categories related to Russia, related to money and related to lying. I could see more information coming out related to financial information, like what Paul Manafort did. That's one element of the investigation.

Clearly, as I mentioned earlier, there's still the question of whether there was cooperation with the Russians. That's a Roger Stone kind of an investigation. That's different than the money investigation.

In parallel to that, everybody here seems to lie like a rug, so there's got to be investigations related to who else is lying and whether you want to indict him. I was one of the many who thought this was shut down.

But when I look at the extent of investigation, which is bigger than I thought -- the number of people involved, the number of them who are lying -- and the amount of documentation of financial records, et cetera, this one could go on for a while.

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