Ned Ryun: "Grim Economic Future" If Illegal Immigration Continues


'American Majority' founder and Republican strategist Ned Ryun warns of a "grim economic future" if the illegal immigration crisis continues, in an interview on Wednesday's 'FOX and Friends.' He says Trump should close the border and explains the cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers in light of a report saying that 63% of non-citizen households are on welfare.

"When you think of the economic future of what we're looking at, it gets pretty grim," he said. "If we continue to bring in a lot of low-skilled and unskilled laborers, a lot of whom are coming illegally, what happens when mass automation hits and all of those unskilled or low skilled laborers get thrown out of work? You're either going to have violence and riots in the streets or we're going to have to put them on our social welfare systems, which are already failing. The only way those get funded is we have to pay even greater taxes."

"Part of the problem is, I don't think a lot of the American people have focused on the numbers," he said. "They haven't really looked and seen the staggering cost that this costs us each year. People say the wall will cost us anywhere from $23-25 billion. I am saying, we're spending $116-130 billion per year already on the illegal immigration that has already taken place."

"I totally agree with President Trump talking about shutting down the Southern border," he said. "I would also argue we should shut down the government. Because then we can have a conversation about what size of government do we really want?"

"We have to have this conversation now or we are looking, not in the distant future, but ten to fifteen years from now a very grim economic future," he concluded.

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