Stephen F. Cohen: Mueller Probe Hysteria Endangers National Security By Preventing Trump From Talking With Russia


Stephen F. Cohen, NYU professor emeritus and author of War with Russia: From Putin and Ukraine To Trump and Russiagate, warns FNC's Tucker Carlson that relations with Russia are worse than at any time since President Eisenhower was in office.

Cohen said Monday on Tucker Carlson Tonight that Trump is the first president since the Eisenhower era to be prevented from negotiating with Russia because of the hysteria surrounding the Mueller investigation and "Russiagate." At the same time, the risk of conflict with Russia hasn't been higher since the Cold War.

"Think back to John Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962," Cohen said. "That was the model of what we should never do again. The lesson also was that President Kennedy was free to negotiate with the Kremlin leader to avoid nuclear war. That is not the case today, and that is why I think the danger of war with Russia, at least since the Cuban Missile Crisis in my lifetime, is greater than it has ever been -- because of these Russiagate allegations, for which I have yet to see any authentic evidence -- and we saw that last week [at the G-20]."

"Trump either felt he could not, or he lacked the resolve to go ahead and meet with Putin, even though this meeting is desperately needed," Cohen explained.

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