Roger Stone: No Evidence I Ever Contacted WikiLeaks; "I Engaged In Politics"


Roger Stone appeared Sunday on ABC's 'This Week' to dispute charges that he was a conduit between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

"I've never done anything in politics that was outside the norms of my colleagues and contemporaries," Stone said Sunday in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You are saying you never spoke to Julian Assange, never contacted WikiLeaks, never spoke to any of that to President Trump?

STONE: That is absolutely correct. I turned over one direct message to the House Intelligence Committee between the flak for WikiLeaks and I, in which he essentially brushed me off. That immediately leaked to Atlantic magazine who then edited the context and published it.

No, I had no contact with Assange. Assange himself has said Roger Stone is a brilliant spin
master, we have had no communication with him whatsoever.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And if Robert Mueller develops evidence, says that he can show that you did talk to WikiLeaks, did communicate with WikiLeaks and then did communicate with President Trump?

STONE: That's all speculation, George, there is no such evidence. And in fact going back to the email, I think those have been mischaracterized, saying that these dumps are coming turns out to be completely incorrect. They don't come in early August as prediktded by Mr. Corsi.

And there's no reference in that email to John Podesta's emails either. It simply says Podesta will be exposed to the American people, whatever that means. It's not as if those things had not been widely published in early August.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Have you had any contact with Robert Mueller or his prosecutors?

STONE: We have not.


STONE: That is correct.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Doesn't that suggest to you that you actually are a target? Usually they speak to the witnesses first?

STONE: Well, it suggests nothing at all. Again, where is the crime? I engaged in politics. My purpose was to take a tip, which I thought to be solid, and then, after that, to follow the WikiLeaks Twitter feed and sent a Google News alert for Julian Assange and use Twitter to hype as much voter and media attention to the disclosures when they came as politics.

You were in this business once, that's called politics.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You're proud of your work as a dirty trickster. Did you do any dirty tricks during the Trump campaign?

STONE: The characterization of me as a dirty trickster comes from Democrats. It will probably be on epitaph.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It's self-proclaimed. You've bragged about it as well.

STONE: Actually – find me the quote where I’ve self-proclaimed it. It kind of goes with the territory at this point. But I’ve never done anything in politics that was outside the norms of my colleagues and my contemporaries. And I’ve always made it clear that so-called dirty tricks but do not cross the line into illegality.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Did anyone in the Trump campaign cross the line?

STONE: Not that I’m aware of. Again, I still – I see some confusion in the public between low-key Russian meddling – ineffective, $100,000 worth of poorly written Facebook ads, and Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian state, which to this day there is no evidence of and no proof of.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You say you’re always going to be loyal to President Trump. If you’re indicted or convicted, do you expect that he’ll pardon you?

STONE: First of all, generally speaking in politics, you avoid hypothetical questions. That said, there’s no circumstance under which I would testify against the president because I’d have to bear false witness against him. I’d have to make things up and I’m not going to do that. I’ve had no discussion regarding a pardon. The only person I’d push for a pardon for is Marcus Garvey, who I think should be pardoned posthumously and I wrote the president about that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Not Paul Manafort?

STONE: I’ve had no such discussions.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And he says it’s not on the table right now, any pardon of Paul Manafort. You’ve had no discussions with the president, with anyone in his team about any of this?

STONE: That is correct.

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