Roger Stone: "I Have Been Targeted For One Reason And One Reason Only, I'm Loyal To The President"


Roger Stone said he never spoke to Julian Assange in an interview with FOX News' Sean Hannity on Wednesday:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Let me start with the e-mails that go back here. Word is -- and this is, you know, word is a friend in the embassy plans two more dumps. Corsi wrote on August 2, 2016, referring to Julian Assange. One shortly after I’m back and 2nd in October. Impact planned could be damaging.

What do you know about that?

ROGER STONE, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well, I think it's speculation from Jerry Corsi who is an excellent investigative reporter. Nowhere does it say John Podesta's e-mails have been stolen and will be published.

Jerry said last night on "Tucker Carlson" that he had told me and other people that. I have no memory of him telling me that. I don't know who those other people might be.

But I think it's despicable that they have tried to pit Jerry Corsi and I, both strong supporters of the president, against each other when the bottom line is neither one of us received anything whatsoever from Julian Assange --


HANNITY: Have you ever talked to Julian Assange?

STONE: Or anyone else.

HANNITY: Have you ever talked to him?

STONE: No, never.

HANNITY: Never meet him?

STONE: No, never. Never met him.

HANNITY: All right. Did you get to Assange at Ecuadorian embassy in London, get the pending WikiLeaks e-mails over read the e-mail, et cetera, et cetera? Did you send that Corsi?

STONE: Yes, I did, but there is some back story. I had gotten an e-mail from Charles Ortel, which was a forward from James Rosen of FOX, who had said he had a tip that the coming disclosures pertained to the Clinton Foundation. That turned out, by the way, to be false.

I did know that Jerry's associate Ted Malloch, nice fellow, who I’d met in New York, and mentioned that he knew Assange. I think it may have been just name-dropping. So, I asked Jerry to see if he could get it. Jerry didn’t respond, did not send me anything.

We are trafficking in political gossip. We’re trying to find out like, every politico, like every political reporter in America what it was that Assange has, because he had teased it on CNN. He had teased it on FOX. Every political reporter in the country knew it was coming. We wanted to know what it was about.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this. The tweet of August 21st, 2016: Trust me, it will soon be the Podestas' time -- plural, Podestas -- time in the barrel. Weeks later, emails stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta would -- I talk -- we’re going to talk to Andrew -- Andy McCarthy and our own Gregg Jarrett tonight.

Did you ever conspire to hack, conspire to hack, steal any e-mails from anybody? I say this in the precedents that discussed earlier, the Pentagon Papers.

STONE: No, absolutely not. On July 31st, Peter Schweizer published his "From Russia with Money", an extraordinary expose of the Podesta brothers’ extensive dealings with oligarchs around Putin in aluminum, uranium, gas, banking. Jerry Corsi also helped educate me about the fact that Panama Papers published in April of 2016 detailed the Podesta brothers’ extensive business dealings.

But the 21st was not even my first tweet. In fact, on the 15th, I had tweeted that Paul Manafort makes John Podesta look like St. Thomas Aquinas. So this was not my first tweet.

Now, the claim that I later -- that the tweet caused controversy brought heat on me was not true because until six weeks later, when Assange did publish the Podesta e-mails, there was no social media commentary. There was no media commentary. There was no congressional investigation. There was no Mueller investigation.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this, Roger, if I may.

STONE: There was no subpoenas. So, I had no need for a cover story.

HANNITY: What I construct and this is from Jerry Corsi, and I’ll ask him in a minute.

What I testified to the grand jury was I believe I was creating a cover story for Roger because Roger wanted to explain that tweet. By the way, the special counsel knew this. They can tell my key strokes on that computer.

What is that about?

STONE: Yes, my point is I had no reason for a cover story. Jerry said I was getting heat but there was no heat. For six weeks, no one even noticed that tweet. It was not until the Podesta papers were filed, were published by WikiLeaks that it became controversial.

So, I had no reason to cover it up. I had no advanced knowledge of the hacking or -- pardon me, the theft or the publication of the Podesta e-mails. I had no reason for a cover story.

HANNITY: Roger stone, by the way, his book "Stone's Rules" -- you think you’re going to be arrested, don't you?

STONE: I have no idea. If this is done on the basis of actual evidence and the law and the facts, no, because I haven't done anything illegal.

I have been targeted for one reason and one reason only. I’m loyal to the president of the United States. I strongly supported his election. I started urging him to run in 1988, again in 2000.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this.

STONE: Again in 2012. That’s why I’m persecuted.

HANNITY: The president gave statements today, was leaked that he answered two questions. One was about you. Did you ever talk to the president about Julian Assange or WikiLeaks ever?

STONE: Absolutely not. And --


HANNITY: So the president told the truth in what we learned today?

STONE: Yes, absolutely. We -- at no time did Donald Trump and I, either candidate Trump or President Trump, discuss WikiLeaks.

But as you know, Sean, they’re trying to destroy you financially to make you plead guilty to some minor crime you didn't commit. Just like General Flynn. So, I had to set up It’s why they are trying to censor me on “Infowars”, so I have no platform to respond to these personal attacks.
It is really devastating when they try to destroy you like this.

HANNITY: It’s amazing, too, when you see all the evidence of what Hillary did and they don't go near it.

Roger Stone, thank you. I appreciate you being with us.

STONE: Thank you.

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