Sanders: Tear Gas Was Used At Border On Average Once Per Month During Obama Administration


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders strongly pushes back against criticism of the border patrol's use of tear gas to handle a crowd of migrants throwing rocks at the U.S.-Mexico border this weekend, saying that tear gas was used about once per month on the border during the Obama administration.

"Law enforcement officials used appropriate non-lethal force to protect themselves and to prevent an illegal rush across the border," she said. "And let's not forget this is not the first time that non-lethal force like this has been used -- in fact, tear gas was used, on average, once per month during the Obama administration for very similar circumstances."

"In fact, they were actually for far less circumstances, because they didn't have the same numbers, and the mass rush that we're seeing in this caravan take place," she added.

"Certainly, no one wants women and children or any individuals to have this happen," she also said. "Which is why we encourage them to follow the law and go through ports of entry."

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