Schiff: House Intel Committee Will Look Into Whether "Russian Financial Hand" Is Pulling Trump's Strings


Future House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff discusses how the committee will look into whether there is "a Russian financial hand" of pulling the strings of the Trump administration.

CNN, DANA BASH: There's a report out this week that indicates your committee -- you will be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in January -- is staffing up on money laundering and forensic accounting experts.

Is that true? And, if so, why?

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: I don't want to talk about our staffing.

But it is certainly true that one of the issues that the Republicans would not allow us to investigate when they were running the committee -- and I don't think Congress has looked into this at all, and I don't know that Bob Mueller has -- is whether the Russians have been laundering money through the president's businesses, and this is the financial hold that the Russians may have.

It would certainly explain the otherwise bewildering conduct of the president in Helsinki, many of the president's comments, pro-Putin comments. It would explain why his sons have said at various times they don't need money from U.S. banks, they get all the money they need from Russia or a disproportionate of their assets come from Russia.

Is this, again, the -- the hidden hand of American financial policy, a Russian financial hand? We do need to get an answer to that and be able to tell the American people, yes, it's true, or, no, it's not. The American deserve to know that the president has their interests in mind, not his pecuniary interests.

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