Howard Dean: "People Are Beginning To Understand That Trump Does Not Represent American Values"


Former DNC chairman Howard Dean said Wednesday that people don't actually consider Donald Trump "a legitimate president."

HOWARD DEAN: I actually think there’s a dichotomy between what people think of America and what people think of Trump. I think people are beginning to understand that Trump does not represent American values. He doesn’t even really represent the values of most people who voted for him. And so, I think people don’t actually really consider Trump a legitimate president. He was obviously elected and all this business, but he does not represent American values.

George W. Bush did represent American values and our numbers went down as a result. Trump is so far off the screen about what people know about Americans that I actually don’t think he is doing damage to our place in the world and our economic clout for sure. But I actually, I’m not entirely sure that people don’t divorce Donald Trump from the United States of America.

(via Breitbart Video)

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