Scarborough: Trump Isn't Thinking About Re-Election, But All The Money He Can Make As Ex-President


'Morning Joe' host Joe Scarborough on Trump's post-presidency:

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MORNING JOE: Afraid of Bob Mueller, afraid of being in a war zone, and afraid to even challenge Saudi Arabia. But after all, there's nothing to fear by fear itself, and Donald Trump seems to have a lot of that these days.

As the scope and the scale of the historic Democratic landslide in the midterms becomes clear, we're getting the chance to see the worst of Donald Trump and we're watching his devastating impact on this country and on his Republican party play out on vivid display. You know, regardless of what Republicans try to tell you, there was no split decision in the midterms. Democrats keep racking up more House seats by the day and they're going to end up winning the national popular congressional vote in the House by over 8%. That's a historic rout. In fact, there's never been as big a win as the Democrats have had in the House this off term election.

Unfortunately, we're learning by the hour that a repudiated, a rejected Donald Trump is more dangerous, radical and unhinged than the Donald Trump we watched the first two years and yesterday brought us a compendium of the bleakest elements of Donald Trump's immorality, openly siding with the Saudis. Even as their leader was declared a cold blooded murderer by the U.S. Intel community, Saudi thugs, they brought a bone saw you to ambush an American resident and a Washington Post columnist. We're going from Nixonian to Stalinist.

As the "New York Times" reported, repeatedly and petulantly demanding the tools of the Justice Department would be used to go after his perceived political enemies, Hillary Clinton and James Comey, blithely defending his daughter's personal use of e-mails for government business with dozens of unanswered questions that still suggest that her conduct could have been every bit as egregious as Hillary Clinton's. We just don't know yet.

He was also standing by a corrupt manifestly unqualified acting attorney general and the most radically insensitive Senate candidate in decades in the Mississippi runoff. What he's done over the past two years. He's forfeited any claim of being a legitimate president. He did that long ago.

I find it hard to see how he could seek, let alone win the presidency in 2020. I don't think he's going to run because at the end of the day, he didn't want to win in 2016. As I told you time and time again. With Donald Trump, it is all about money. Sell out to the Saudis? Even when your intel community tells you that they're run by a murderer. No problem with Donald Trump. It's not about America's reputation on the globe, or what is best for mideast polict. For Donald Trump it is about what is best for Donald Trump and not even politically, but financially. What deals can he make in two years when he leaves the White House?

Vladimir Putin, he murders journalists. He assassinates political rivals. No problem. Never mind what the CIA says about the Russians trying to subvert American democracy. Never mind that the head of his own homeland security department said if Vladimir Putin and Russia pose a risk to American democracy. Donald Trump said I don't believe the intel communities. Putin gave me his word. Let's see what is done two years from now between Donald Trump and Russia. This isn't about America. This isn't about politics. This isn't about the republican peat. This isn't about a re-election campaign. This is about Donald Trump.

He's not thinking about re-election, he's thinking about all the money he can make as ex-president. Remember what Woodward and Bernstein said during Watergate: Follow the money.

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