Lindsey Graham To Saudi Arabia: Replace MBS With Someone Who Is Not Crazy


As President Trump reiterates support for Saudi Arabia, Sen. Lindsey Graham weighs in on the U.S.-Saudi relationship on 'Hannity.'

"The bottom line is: I care about the strategic relationship. I'm going to support Israel completely. But I'm not going to turn my back on this guy [Khashoggi]. We've got a historic opportunity to tell the people in the middle east there's a new sheriff in town, and if you trample over civilized norms you've got to pay a price."

"If you want to keep MBS [Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman], that's your decision to make, Saudi Arabia, as long as you make that decision you're going to have a hard time with me," Graham said. "If you want to replace him with someone who is not crazy, that's a good move."

"It is not complicated for me. I like Saudi Arabia, but this guy is crazy and he needs to go."

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