Gillibrand on 2020: I Will Fight To Restore Country's "Moral Compass" Lost Under Trump Presidency


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) tells MSNBC's Chris Hayes she's disturbed by "all the hate Donald Trump has put into this country" and that it has called her "to fight as hard as I can to restore that moral compass."

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC HOST: And joining me now, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat from New York. She has a new book out called "Bold and Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won the Women the Right to Vote. It is a children`s book, if I'm not mistaken. I`m excited to give it to my daughter. She`s very much into this genre.

So, you said this morning you were considering thinking about the question of running for president.


HAYES: And I`m always curious what does that mean in real terms? Like what are you thinking about? What`s going through your mind?

GILLIBRAND: Well, to me it`s really a moral question and I do believe that -- I believe in right versus wrong, and unfortunately up until this election I really believed that wrong was winning. And so as I travel the state, as I travel the country, I really saw the response and the effect of all the hate that Donald Trump has put into this country over the last two years. And it`s so disturbing.

And it`s really called me personally to fight as hard as I possibly can to restore that moral compass, because the truth is this country was founded on really core principles that we care about one another, that we believe in the golden rule, that you should fight for other people`s kids as hard as you fight for your own. And I feel that that`s been crumbling and lost under this presidency.

So I`ve been thinking about it. And I am going to reflect on whether this is something that I should do because I feel like all of us have to decide what we`re going to do to restore what`s been lost. And I just have to think where I can do that best from.

HAYES: So, what is that calculation? I mean, there`s a moral question, there`s a bunch of tactical questions, a bunch of organizational questions. What`s the sorts of yes/no threshold?

GILLIBRAND: So, for me it`s whether this is what I need to be doing. It`s sort of, you know, are you prepared in a time such as this to do something that`s very hard and difficult, regardless of whether you will win, regardless of whether it`s easy, but you`re doing it because out of that moral conviction.

And so for me the sole thing I have to consider that I have to think long and hard about is whether this is what I`m called to do. And otherwise, I just -- you know, I will continue to fight as hard as I can for New Yorkers and be a voice for them in Washington and fight for the middle class families that are desperate and need health care as a right and all the other issues that are pressing on families in my state.

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