Gillum: "We Are Not Going To Be Hushed, We Are Not Going To Be Sat Aside"


(relevant portion begins at 25:30)

Tallahassee mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum spoke at a largely African-American church Sunday, warning against vote suppression as Florida's Governor and Senator elections go to a recount.

Gillum also defended controversial Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes in a campaign-style speech at the church. The Democratic candidate implied Snipes, initially an appointee by then-Gov. Jeb Bush, is receiving criticism because she is an African-American woman.

"The other side would attempt to sow seeds to have us to believe that simply because the person whose over counting the votes might look like one of the candidates," Gillum said. "Then all of the sudden they lose all of their integrity."

Gillum called on people to "show up" and "let these folks" know we're not going to be ignored or "hushed" in the vote-counting process.

"The task at our hand right now is that we show up and we show out in this process and let these folks know that we are not going to be ignored. We're not going to be hushed. We're not going to be sat to the side. We're not going to be told that we don't have a seat at the table. We're going to bring our own folding chair if we're got to. We'll bring our own table if we must. But we're going to do our job to make sure that this process works for all of us,” Gillum said during an address at New Mount Olive Baptist Church.

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