Trump Threatens Democrats: If They Investigate Me, "We're Going To Do The Same Thing"


President Trump on potential investigations by House Democrats: "If that happens then we're going to do the same thing and government comes to a halt and I would blame them."

From Wednesday's press conference:

QUESTION: If I can just finish here, will you have to compromise on certain issues to the point where it could hurt you in 2020?

And do you expect that when the Democrats take over the chairmanship of all these important committees, you're going to get hit with a blizzard of subpoenas on everything from the Russian investigation...


QUESTION: ... to your cell phone use, to your tax return?


Then you're going to -- if that happens, then we're going to do the same thing, and government comes to a halt.

And I would blame them, because they now are going to be coming up with policy. They're the majority in the House. I expect that they will come up with some fantastic ideas that I can support, on the environment, on so many different things, including prescription drug prices, which we've made a big dent in already, including some of the things that we're working on for the vets. We've gotten Choice approved. We've gotten a lot of things approved, but they some other elements that we want.

There are many things we can get along on without a lot of trouble, that we agree very much with them and they agree with us.

I would like to see bipartisanship. I'd like to see unity. And I think we have a very good chance -- and maybe not on everything, but I think we have a very good chance of -- of seeing that.

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