Graham: If Democrats Try To Impeach Trump, It Will Blow Up In Their Face


The Republican lawmaker from South Carolina says President Trump has a lot to be proud of from the midterms.

BAIER: Senator, it's Bret. What about the House? Do you foresee that this is going to be investigation after investigation, and how do you sense the Senate and House working together, if at all?

GRAHAM: If they want to impeach President Trump, I'd give them some advice. Been there, done that with Clinton, didn't work out for us. I would think twice about it. It will blow up in their face.

Now, infrastructure, there's a natural fit both parties to build out the infrastructure of this country. DACA for the wall, there is actually something you can do on immigration. Maybe prison and sentence reform and maybe some other things.

But the reason we won is I think Kavanaugh united our party, the caravan was an affront to our sovereignty, the economy was good, and President Trump worked his butt off to get out the Republican base vote. And I'm feeling really good now. This is a good night for Republicans in the Senate. Cory Gardner did a great job. We have to find common ground with Democrats in the House. If they want to investigate Trump to death and try to impeach him, then it will blow up.

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