Hannity Interviews Trump Before Closing Rally: Immigration, Barbed Wire Wall, Florida & More


FOX NEWS: President Trump says Democrats are fighting to make sure that the border wall is not built and immigration laws are not changed, praises Republican Senate hopefuls Martha McSally and Rick Scott, says there's an electricity in the air that reminds him of 2016.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: But you -- all right, I got to -- Judge Jeanine, I hate to do this, but when the president of the United States walks in -- this is yours, sir. How are you.


HANNITY: You're not even tired, are you?

TRUMP: I'm not that tired. I'm excited because we had an incredible day today in Ohio.


TRUMP: We had an incredible time in Indiana and now we are with you.

HANNITY: You left nothing on the field, 11 stops and 11 cities and--


TRUMP: No, but I feel guilty about interrupting Judge Jeanine. I don't -- I don't like doing that.

HANNITY: She'll give you an earful about it probably soon. The closing argument seemed to be the same. I started my show tonight, and I said, this is where two years ago. This is the record of Obama--


TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: By the way, the biggest joke I saw this weekend is him saying, a guy that said, you didn't build that, I started this. And I'm like, no.

TRUMP: No, it's a joke, it is. Frankly if their agenda kept going, meaning if the other side had won, we would have been down 4.2 or six or seven, we were going down. It was very bad when I took it over, and if we didn't open it up and cut regulations the whole Obama thing would have collapsed that would have been a disaster.

HANNITY: Four point five million jobs in less than two years.


HANNITY: And 4.3 million Americans off of food stamps, four million Americans out of poverty. A path towards energy independence. You spent 3.5 billion on the border wall, and I know you are disappointed. You want the rest.

TRUMP: Well, I wanted to build at one time and you need it and you see it but now we have the incredible military forces out there, and they are putting up barbed wire fences. We have a barbed wire wall. You see what they are doing highest level. And we are making a very strong. We're making it very -- you know, the whole thing in terms of military, plus the back wall and plus the barbed wire, plus we have a lot of digging going on, a lot of trenching. And people aren't going to come into our country without going through the legal process. You can't do that, otherwise, you have no country.

HANNITY: We keep saying it, we want you to come, just come legally.

TRUMP: The whole plan of the Democrats, I got 700 billion, 700 million for the military. The next year e got 716, we've totally rebuilt our military. But they fight like you have never seem to make sure we don't build the wall. And I got 1.6 billion, another 1.6 billion and a third 1.6 billion, I'm building it in nice large pieces but I'd like to build it all at one time. Their whole plan is to try and make sure that we don't build the wall. That's the whole thing. The number is peanuts compared to what we did with the military.


HANNITY: Did you see the study last week, $70,000 per illegal immigrant in this country that we pay.


HANNITY: That's, you know, that's education and health care.

TRUMP: Sean, we lose -- we lose $100 billion a year on illegal immigration. We lose that in one year. If you spent the money to build the wall, that's just a tiny fraction of one year and we're going to build it. But that's not -- we are very strong now. We have the worst laws anywhere in the country, catch and release, visa lottery, all of these laws here are disaster.

We have the worse laws, we got to get them changed. The Democrats won't give us any votes. We need Democrat votes. You can't. We don't enough Republicans unless we elect a lot of Republicans tomorrow. But I will say that we are doing really well on illegal immigration, considering that we have the worst laws we have ever seen.

We are moving thousands of MS-13 out of the country, they are being put into jails and they are being sent out of the country. And frankly, in a lot of ways I like out of the country put more because putting them into jail, let them solve it. But we've moved thousands of MS-13 gang members, we moved them out of the country.

HANNITY: We have close races in Florida.


HANNITY: You were down I was watching you last night in Florida. Indiana, you take the libertarian out and Joe Donnelly loses by 10. Montana now you have the Republican Rosendale up by three.


HANNITY: You have in this state, Josh Hawley up by three. You have in Nevada, Dean Heller holding on by three or four.


HANNITY: Arizona, I don't know how a woman that supports, you know, Americans fighting with the Taliban even gets 5 percent of the vote but it's apparently a little tight race with Martha McSally, a war hero.

TRUMP: I think Martha is great. She is a hero. She flies, she was one of the best fighter pilots, I mean, she was really good. I spoke to some of the people that went with her and were with her and said she's tremendous as a pilot. I don't know how she could possibly lose the other one with, that she's terrible.


TRUMP: You talk about border walls, the other one doesn't want any border walls. She doesn't want any protection. Nothing. But I think Martha is going to do well and I think North Dakota is going to do well. Florida is a very, very close race and it's inconceivable because Bill Nelson--


HANNITY: It's always close in Florida. It wasn't that close for you though, you did OK in Florida.

TRUMP: No. We did great. But Bill Nelson is a terrible senator.

HANNITY: He have never -- it was funny.


TRUMP: He never called me.

HANNITY: You've given a speech the other night, you said. I've never talked to him and they took credit.

TRUMP: He's never once, he's never once called me saying, can I have something for the people of Florida. Never once -- two years, almost two years, whereas, I must say, Rick Scott, that's all he does is call.

HANNITY: Rolls up his sleeve -- sleeves.


TRUMP: He wants things. Look at the great job he did with the hurricanes, I mean, he did a fantastic job. Lake Okeechobee, they had a big problem, he's taking care of Lake Okeechobee. But Bill Nelson, the current senator never calls.

So, hopefully for the good of the people of Florida, and also, I have to say. Ron DeSantis has to be governor. You can't let a man that--


HANNITY: Forty percent.

TRUMP: -- a man ran Tallahassee into the ground. Highest murder rate they've ever had, corrupt crime ridden. It's a -- you can't let him be the governor of Florida, that would be a disaster. Ron DeSantis, Harvard and Yale, a good guy. Hard worker and I think he is going to be a great governor but it's a very close race.

HANNITY: You want to make a closing argument. You know what's interesting, because I watch the media. They are trying to define this as a Trump midterm. They kind of forgot the--


TRUMP: Unless we win, in which case they'll go.

HANNITY: Then they go back to Russia. They'll go back to you.


TRUMP: They'll go back to Russia.

HANNITY: They'll go back to Russia. It was funny. Bill Clinton lost about 54 seats in the House. Obama lost 60-some seats in the House. I love how Nate Silver who said you had a 20 percent of winning on the day of the election, you know, predicting 85 percent chance, but then you read the article, it says, they could be anywhere between 15 and 16. I could predict 15 and 16. I don't have to do any, you know, polls to find that out. It's the American people that decided it's getting out in midterms --

TRUMP: There is something going on there Sean. I leave Ohio, thousands and thousands of people cannot get into this massive arena. I just left Indiana. Thousands and thousands of people outside can't get -- there's something going on. There is an electricity that feels like 2016.

HANNITY: Mr. President, on the way in here it was pouring all day here for hours. I went out for an hour. I'm actually sweating more than ever, almost like Marco Rubio that day. And I like Marco, don't misunderstand me, but I went out there and hour before the show and the crown is electric.

Every hat I signed, it wasn't a "Hannity" hat. I wish I had penny for every one of the Make America Great hats I signed today, but every hat was soaking wet. There is a bigger crowd outside then there is inside.

TRUMP: True.

HANNITY: What do you want to say to the Americans -- we have about 30 more seconds -- am I right on the --

TRUMP: Well, I'm just --

HANNITY: I have 90 seconds, OK.

TRUMP: I'm just honored because no matter where I go, it's the same way. It's not like just in Ohio or just in Indiana or just right here in Missouri. I'm so honored by it. There is something going on and it reminds me of two years ago when I knew something was going on and you knew it by the way and people that were with us knew it. They were looking at each other.

I remember, I will never forget, two sort of anti-reporters were looking at each other as I was making a speech with 32,000 people and they were going around, look, that was a great time and I think this going to be a great time.

HANNITY: Election day, I actually called you. I said you are going to get bad news at about 5:30 or 5:15 that afternoon. You lost Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And you won them all. Polls don't mean anything. What really matters is tomorrow.

TRUMP: I lost them -- I lost them based on the fake news.

HANNITY: Fake news.

TRUMP: But about two hours later, when they counted the actual votes, we won very easily.

HANNITY: The home of Rush Limbaugh.

TRUMP: Yes, great man.

HANNITY: And Cape Girardeau is hometown for you. Mr. President, good luck.

TRUMP: Thank you very much.

HANNITY: You put it all -- you left it all on the field and that's the way it should be.

TRUMP: Well, we did. We did. And I think going to be interesting --

HANNITY: You missed my opening monologue tonight.

TRUMP: I did -- no, I saw it on the plane. I actually saw it on the plane. I never miss your opening monologue. I would never do that.

HANNITY: Mr. President, good luck.

TRUMP: Thank you. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

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