Streisand on Trump: "I Couldn't Sleep Nights"; I "Eat A Lot" And Play Card Games


Barbra Streisand said she was inspired to write her new anti-Trump album because she "couldn't sleep most nights" in an interview with Bill Maher on Friday night's edition of 'Real Time' on HBO. Streisand said that she also eats a lot and plays card games.

Streisand explains:

BILL MAHER: How do you balance -- I think we all fight this -- how do we balance not being obsessed with Donald Trump, thinking about him all day, because I've never known a president who is more in our heads, which is sort of what the album is about?

BARBRA STREISAND: What I do first of all is eat a lot. And I need sweets like coffee ice cream that counterbalances the bitterness that he's throwing at us. And also I have to play games, literally, before I go to sleep. I mean, to get him out of my head, to get the news that I watch all day out of my head, thinking about tomorrow. I have to be in the present. To be in the present you have to play gin. You have to plan Rummikub. You have to play Scramble.

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