Tucker Carlson: Other Media Push Narrative That Migrant Caravan Is Not A Threat, "Model Future Americans"


Tucker Carlson talks about the migrant caravan allegedly headed towards the U.S. border, and how other media outlets have covered it with "relentless dishonesty."

"What we're actually seeing is relentless dishonesty from the people who are paid to inform us," Carlson quipped. "There is nothing to worry about, they tell us like we're children. But they don't really know that. They don't know anything. They're wholly ignorant and utterly self-confident."

TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. If you've been watching the other channels lately, there is at least one thing you've learned about the caravan of Central American migrants currently marching toward our southern

The whole thing is no big deal. These are nice people. Every single one of them much better people than you are. They have the deep moral authority that comes from living in a third world country, unlike you mister pampered suburbanite. They're not invaders they are future model Americans. There is nothing at all to worry about we're told.

Well, that's been the chorus from politicians and news anchors who think they're politicians for weeks and weeks now. If you have any concern at all about this caravan you are a bad person. In fact, you sir, are a racist...

There's the line of the day, more mothers than monsters. Turns out that's not quite right, more brothers than mothers, actually. According to the border patrol, the caravan is in fact about 70% single men, not families women and children, but overwhelmingly single men.

According to Mexico's own ambassador, many in the group are "very violent", that's what he recently told NPR. So to restate the caravan is in fact heavily male and highly dangerous. When the Mexican ambassador says that to public radio, which you're looking at obviously is racism, more right-wingery, just kidding.

What we're actually seeing is relentless dishonesty from the very people who are paid to inform us. There's nothing to worry about they tell us, like we're children, but they don't really know that, they don't really know anything. They are wholly ignorant and yet utterly self-confident.

They're good at moralizing and light on facts.

So who exactly is in the caravan? A lot of them probably are what they appear to be poor people from disorganized countries looking for a better life. It's understandable. But are some of them gang members too, how about drug dealers or human traffickers? Shut up, say the news anchors, don't ask those questions.

But if you really cared about America, you'd want answers to those questions. You would insist on knowing. Would you let your kids sleep at a stranger's house? Probably not. You love your kids. Our leaders ought to feel the same way about us. They don't. Instead, they say their own countrymen as the real threat.

In the minds of the people making our country's rules foreigners are always superior to Americans, watch Don Lemon explain.

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