CNN's Jeffrey Toobin vs. Kris Kobach: You Have Devoted Your Life To Stopping Poor And Black People From Voting


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and Kansas Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach have a spirited debate on the Fourteenth Amendment.

Toobin called the presidential commission on voter fraud he chaired "phony" and said Kobach's "problem" is that "some people" vote for Democrats and he wants to stop it. After calling the incumbent Kansas Secretary of State a racist, Toobin said if you like photo I.D. then you are trying to stop people of color from voting.

"Kris has devoted his career to stopping black people and poor people from voting. I mean that's been your goal for decades," Toobin said.

"That is an outrageous accusation," Kobach responded.

"It's completely true," Toobin said.

"That's an absolutely outrageous accusation. So if you like photo I.D., you're trying to stop people of color from voting?," Kobach asked.

"Absolutely," the CNNer responded.

"That is outrageous," the Kansas Secretary of State said.

"By the way, when this question is polled, the vast majority of African-Americans approve of photo I.D., so apparently they're trying to do what you're saying I'm trying to do. That is outrageous and a horrible accusation," Kobach explained.

"It is completely true... that's why you had this phony voter suppression commission that was such a preposterous joke established by the president that it disbanded because it couldn't prove your claim that voter fraud is a problem in this country. Your problem is that some people vote for Democrats and you want to stop that by establishing voting requirements," Toobin said.

Host Anderson Cooper jumped in to stop the personal attacks.

"Let's not go down this lane," he said.

"I'm glad we're having a respectful argument here," Kobach said. "This is so good for the viewers to have this."

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