Gloria Borger: "Elections Are Always About Fear," But Trump Is Pushing It With "Caravan," 14th Amendment


In an upcoming interview with Axios on HBO, President Trump is set to question the idea of birthright citizenship, which is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution with the 14th amendment. President Trump has no legitimate basis to do so through an executive order and House Speaker Paul Ryan was quick to say that "you obviously cannot do that."

CNN news analyst Gloria Borger noted Tuesday afternoon that, "elections are always about fear to a certain degree," and "Donald Trump likes to campaign on that."

"He gets people riled up, it works for him. He has to have an enemy in order to succeed: So, the caravan has to be the enemy, the Democrats, of course, in the election have to be the enemy."

"So he finds things that he can latch on to," she explained. "This is his M.O., we've watched this for years now."

Bloomberg News also commented:

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