Trump: Nationalism Means I Love The Country; I'm Not A Globalist, I Want To Take Care Of U.S. First


President Trump is interviewed by FOX News host Laura Ingraham and explains why he is a nationalist and what nationalism means to him.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS: Mr. President, thank you so much for being here today. We really appreciate it.


INGRAHAM: I know you’re heading to Pittsburgh tomorrow and Rabbi Jeffrey Myers from the Tree of Life Synagogue said last night the following.

RABBI MYERS SOT LAST NIGHT: I want to address some of the political leaders in the room tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, it has to start with you as our leaders. My words are not intended as political fodder. I address all equally. Stop the words of hate.

INGRAHAM: So given his words, what do you think your role tomorrow will be and should be?

TRUMP: Well, I’m just going to pay my respects. I’m also going to the hospital to see the officers and some of the people that were so badly hurt. So -- and I really look forward to going. I would have done it even sooner, but I didn’t want to disrupt anymore than they already had disruption. But I look forward to going to Pittsburgh tomorrow.

INGRAHAM: You said over the weekend you might even tone up your rhetoric -- the media today seized on it, at Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ press briefing. They’re pointing fingers at you saying, look, you could do more. You’re the leader of the free world. What do you say to that?

TRUMP: Well you know, I did a rally and I said, in fact, I was thinking about canceling it; I also did the Young Farmers and it was great doing that and then I had a rally afterwards and then I said, you know, you make them too important if you start canceling. I remember Dick Grasso wanted to get the stock exchange opened as soon as possible; he did a great job and other things. Once you start doing that, once you cancel -- so you’re doing a rally and rallies are meant to be fun. Rallies are meant to be everything and I said, “Tone it done,” and then you saw the group saying, “No, don’t tone it down, don’t tone it down.” So we had a great rally in Illinois, for some great people and frankly, I think that’s probably the way it should be.

You should go about your life. You can’t let these people disrupt anymore than they already have, which is disgraceful; what he did is disgraceful. You can’t let it happen. As far as what the rabbi said, I agree with him.

INGRAHAM: The word “nationalism” has taken off, for the Left, this connotation of feeling anti-Semitism, hate, even violence. Do you think that is fair? And do you want to further clarify --



INGRAHAM: -- what “nationalism” means to you?

TRUMP: No. To me, I don’t have to clarify. It means I love the country, it means I’m fighting for the country. I look at two things, globalists and nationalists. I’m somebody that wants to take care of our country, because for many, many years, you know this better than anybody -- our leaders have been more worried about the world than they have about the United States and they leave us in a mess -- whether it’s the wars, whether it’s the economy, whether it’s debt, whether it’s all of the things that they’ve done, including putting in the wrong Supreme Court Justices and we’re -- we’ve really put two great ones in -- no, I’m proud of this country and I call that “nationalism”; I call it being a nationalist and I don’t see any other connotation than that.

Now, as soon as you make any statement nowadays with the political correctness world, they make a big deal. I’m not a globalist, but I want to take care of the globe, but first I have to take care of our country. I want to help people around the world, but we have to take care of our country, or we won’t have a country, including -- we have to take care of our country at the border.

INGRAHAM: When you hear people use the phrase “anti-Semitism” to describe anything connected to you, you have a Jewish daughter, you have grandchildren who are Jewish -- what’s your reaction to that?

TRUMP: And I just received an award from the State of International from Bibi Netanyahu, thanking me because I moved the, as you know, the embassy to Jerusalem, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel and I just did that -- now how many presidents said they were going to do it and they never did it? Many, many presidents. I won’t go over the names but I can tell you every one of them; I can tell you what every one of them said. I just opened up -- and we opened it up; we didn’t just name it -- you know, it was going to take years and years to build and it was going to cost over a billion dollars -- I opened up a beautiful building for $400,000, already open, saved well over a billion dollars -- and it’s opened after four months.

INGRAHAM: And you were criticized for that, too -- you were criticized at the time, I believe for being too pro-Palestinian, and now you’re criticized on the other side.

TRUMP: Yeah. And in fact, this horrible human being, this terrible person that did the shooting, he was not a Donald Trump fan, because he said I was too close to Israel. So, ah… that seemed to be his reasoning. So I will tell you, I’m going to show you, right after this, I’m going to show you the most beautiful black -- it just came; they must have known you were going to be doing this interview -- but it was sent by Bibi Netanyahu thanking me for opening the embassy in Jerusalem, which as you know, is like the biggest deal.

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