Nina Turner: Racism And Anti-Semitism Are "In The DNA Of America"


On Sunday's edition of CNN's 'State of the Union' panel, Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator and current president of progressive PAC "Our Revolution," suggested anti-Semitism was "in the DNA of America."

In a panel discussion led by Jake Tapper on the shooting Saturday at a Jewish Temple in Pittsburgh, Turner said, "the president is [not] responsible for any individual’s reaction or actions," but "he is responsible for the type of climate that he has created since he started running for president to this very point."

"None of us is perfect," she also said. "But we are looking for decency."

"[President Trump] does have to take some responsibility for the type of racist vile climate that we find ourselves in, which, Jake, is not new," she said. "This is in the DNA of America, so I’m surprised that people are surprised. What is happening is that what is in our root as a country is bubbling up now, and that’s why people are surprised."

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