Huckabee Sanders to NBC Reporter: You Have Huge Role In Dividing Country, 90% Of News Is Anti-Trump


Sarah Huckabee Sanders told NBC's Hallie Jackson that the media has a "huge responsibility" to play in the divisive nature of the country.

Huckabee Sanders explained President Trump's tweet calling "the fake news media" the "true enemy of the people" at Monday's White House briefing. Sanders said "those individuals probably know who they are" when asked by CNN's Jim Acosta.

QUESTION: So throughout (ph) the course of this briefing, you have repeatedly defended the president's attacks on his political opponents as valid because the midterms are coming up.

So at what point ...



QUESTION: ... is the White House going (ph)...


SANDERS: Not because of the midterms. I've...


SANDERS: ... defended the president -- I've defended the president fighting back when he's regularly attacked. There's a difference. Doesn't matter if there's a midterm or not, the president's going to defend himself and he's going to fight back.

QUESTION: From a political perspective, right? You're making that point (ph)?

SANDERS: From any perspective.

QUESTION: But at what point does a national tragedy take precedence over the president needing to punch back? If not now, when?

SANDERS: I think you saw the president do exactly that in the wake of a national tragedy, not just this week but every time our country has experienced the type of heartache and pain that we have over the last week.

This is a president who has risen to that occasion and works to bring our country together in a number of occasions, whether it's the hurricanes, whether it's the Las Vegas shooting, whether it was the Pittsburgh shooting.

All horrible, horrible tragedies that this country has experienced and this president has come out, condemned the attacks when it is caused by an individual, and tried to look for ways to provide and bring the country together when it was a natural disaster.

QUESTION: But he and you have also acknowledged that, in the next breath, after he calls for unity, he does talk about division in what you described as drawing contrasts.

Is he incapable of, in the words of some, toning it down and toning down the rhetoric?

SANDERS: Again, I think the president has had a number of moments of bringing the country together. Once again, I'll remind you that the very first thing the president did...


SANDERS: ... was condemn the attacker. And the very first thing...


QUESTION: The second thing he did was...


SANDERS: ... the media did was blame the president. You guys have a huge responsibility to play in the divisive nature of this country. When 90 percent of the coverage of everything this president does is negative, despite the fact that the country is doing extremely well, despite the fact that the president is delivering on exactly what he said he was going to do if elected.

And he got elected by an overwhelming majority of 63 million Americans, who came out and supported him and wanted to see his policies enacted. He's delivered on that. He's delivered on the promises he's made.

And if anything, I think it is sad and divisive, the way that every single thing that comes out of the media -- 90 percent of what comes out of the media's mouth -- is negative about this president.

Despite the fact that the economy is booming, despite the fight he said he would fix the trade deals, and he's done exactly that.


SANDERS: He said he would defeat ISIS, and he has.


SANDERS: The president has been delivering, day-in, day-out. And I think it would be nice if, every once in a while, we could focus on a few of the positive things the president has done instead of just attacking him.

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