Erick Erickson: If You're At War With The Truth, You're Not Really A Conservative


On Sunday's 'Meet the Press,' former RedState writer Erick Erickson speaks out to conservatives who suspect the pipe bomb threats against high profile Democrats last week were some sort of "false flag" operation to discredit the right wing ahead of next month's election.

"If you’re a conservative who’s at war with the truth, you’re not really being conservative," he said.

"Rush Limbaugh was questioning the stickers on the van!" an exasperated Chuck Todd remembered.

"Now we know the facts, the questions is do they continue," Erickson said. "The problem is we have a lot of people who no longer trust the media or institutions... we've gone inward. Unfortunately, I do think it is going to take some external threat to bring us together. There is nothing left in this country that unifies us as a whole."

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