Dem Rep. Lieu: We Will Investigate Trump's Use Of Cell Phone If Democrats Take Over House


MSNBC: A bombshell report from 'The New York Times' alleges that Chinese and Russian spies are exploiting vulnerabilities in President Trump’s iPhone to listen to his conversations. Trump has reportedly resisted warnings to avoid using the phone. Rep. Ted Lieu tells Ari Melber that it's "absolutely hypocritical" for Trump to use a non-secure phone when he campaigned on Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, which was never infiltrated by foreign spies.

REP. TED LIEU: Donald Trump needs to stop making calls from his cell phone now. He needs to do what Obama did. Obama had a cell phone but he was not allowed to make calls from it because communications on your cell phone can be intercepted at the network level. It has nothing to do with your phone.

It's an issue I've been working on for over three years and if anyone has access to a telephone network, and the Chinese and Russians certainly do, they can listen in on anyone's cell phone anywhere in the world if they have a cell phone number.

ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: So what are the Democrats going to do if this investigation goes forward? If you guys win back the House, where does that lead?

LIEU: Certainly we're going to have Oversight Committee hearings on the president's use of the cell phone. In addition, we know there have been other lax communications with the president. He's been using unsecure wifi at his resort, Mar-A-Lago, he has left his cell phone in unsecure places, and again this is something that doesn't have to do with the president's cell phone per se. So even his tweet shows he doesn't understand the problem... the president needs to stop making calls on his cell phones.

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