Steve Schmidt: Trump Acting Like A "Tribal Chieftain," Not Commander-in-Chief


In a Thursday afternoon appearance on MSNBC with Nicole Wallace, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt commented that after the wave of attempted pipe bomb attacks against his political foes, President Trump is acting more like a wartime "tribal chieftain" than an American commander-in-chief.

"We haven't seen anything like this since the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated," he said. "This was a mass assassination attempt against two former presidents, a former vice president, a former attorney general, a former DNC chairwoman. The person who is responsible for sending bombs to all of those people is the person who mailed the bombs."

He also added: "Donald Trump did not mail the bombs, but he created an atmosphere where a sick person would look at those individuals and see an enemy."

"Trump makes no pretense about being the commander in chief of all of the country, being president of all of the people, including the people who voted against him," Schmidt said. "He is, in effect, a tribal chieftain who has declared war on half of the country."

"When he incites by stigmatizing vulnerable minority populations, alleging conspiracy, calling his opponents enemies of the people, calling journalists enemies of the people -- What do you do with enemies? How do we deal with an enemy, when we evoke martial analogies? Well, we kill enemies."

"Someone out there took him both literally and seriously."

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