Don Lemon on Megyn Kelly 'Blackface' Comment: This Is About Racism And Privilege, Probably No Diverse Staff


Don Lemon weighed in on the Megyn Kelly-blackface controversy Tuesday night with CNN's Chris Cuomo. Lemon stressed that Kelly has "privilege" and lives in an "echo chamber" so she doesn't even realize it. Lemon told Kelly to "educate yourself" of that "privilege you haven't been aware of for 47 years."

Lemon also said that Kelly took a show away from a black man and a black woman (Al Roker and Tamron Hall) as an example of her privilege. The CNN host also took a hit at the NBCer for having lower ratings than her predecessors.

"Megyn has taken over for what used to be an African-American woman and a black man who had that slot, who actually did better than her in the ratings, who in this situation would have said it is never to do blackface. There would not be this controversy," Lemon said.

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