Coulter: U.S Will Become "Another Failed Latin American State" If We "Overwhelm" Country With Migrants


Conservative author Ann Coulter said mob behavior of people heckling Republican politicians in public situations is "endemic to the left," it is not something that you see on the right.

"It is not part of the mentality of the right-wing, it has always been a part of the left-wing, but boy we are seeing it like we haven't seen it, well, I guess since Obama's friend William Ayers was setting bombs around the country," Coulter said Wednesday night on the FOX Business Network. "The resistance really has taken it up a notch."

Coulter reacted to Senator Kamala Harris' comment on the migrant caravan that Americans are tolerant and "welcoming" people. She warned that the United States would end out becoming "another failed Latin American state" if we "overwhelm" our country with "even more millions" of Latin migrants.

"Kamala Harris is right," she told host Lou Dobbs. "Americans are not only tolerant, they're amazingly generous and charitable. But we're starting to feel like this is a con man preying on our charity. We've been quite charitable for the last several decades taking in more refugees than the rest of the world combined."

"They're not always refugees," she said. "The fact that so many of these caravans want us hooking up with another and they're coming from all these different countries. At some point, the problem isn't one specific isolated problem with one country. The problem is that all these countries are dysfunctional."

"The problem is who are the people are that are coming. If we overwhelm our country with even more millions of Latin Americans, eventually we just become another failed Latin American state," Coulter concluded.

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