MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace: "The Mobs I See Are People Who Go To Trump Rallies"


MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace said the people cheering "unprecedented" comments by President Trump are the real mob, not those on the left that disturb and harass Republican politicians. Wallace said people who cheer the word 'nationalist' are part of a mob on the Tuesday edition of her MSNBC show.

"I want to talk about the word mob," she said. "The mobs I see are people who go to Trump rallies and laugh when Donald Trump mimics the testimony of an alleged victim of sexual assault. The mobs I see are the people who cheer when Donald Trump trots out the word, 'I'm a nationalist' and tells people to ignore the negative connotations, the lessons of history about what that's associated with."

"The mobs are the people who think they're faceless, but we see their faces," Wallace said. "It's what you said, people who take the mask off and are defending and cheering these really unprecedented comments that until Trump were so far out of the mainstream, not only would you not see them at a televised political rally, you wouldn't really acknowledge them as part of a political coalition on either side."

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