Cherokee Nation GOP Congressman: Elizabeth Warren Should Apologize, "Lie" is "Backfiring On Her"


Oklahoma Republican U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, is calling on Sen. Elizabeth Warren to apologize for claiming Native American heritage. Mullin said he is extremely disappointment more so than offended.

"There was a 2014 scientific study and it said that the average European American walking around is 0.18% Native American. She's half of that. So, the idea that she continues to double down on this lie is the most disgusting thing to me," Mullin told 'FOX & Friends' on Tuesday.

"It's the fact that she's in the public eye and she continues to use this," he said. "And what she was trying to do is put this to bed so she could run against President Trump in 2020 and it is backfiring on her. I'm glad to see it because what she needs to do is come out and apologize to all of us."

Mullin said he lives where his tribe "stopped walking" and that it took him 90 minutes to get to the studio.

"We're not trying to play politics," Mullin said. "My family literally still live... I drove in this morning an hour and a half to get to the studio where my family literally stopped walking on the 'volunteer walk,' and I use that as a loose term. I still live on the Indian allotment land that my family has."

"The heritage runs deep in my family, for her they're just stories," he said. "They're just stories she's trying to get publicity over or she is trying to get sympathy off of or maybe it's because she was trying to get a job at Harvard. I don't know. But the lies have gone on far enough and it's time for her to apologize."

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