Michael Eric Dyson: Blacks Can Not Stand By Kanye West; This Is "White Supremacy By Ventriloquism"


Michael Eric Dyson called the President Donald Trump-Kanye West meeting an example of mass ignorance in the face of the downfall of democracy. Dyson also shook his head at the notion that Kanye could have brought Trump and Colin Kaepernick together. He went as far to say that African-Americans can not stand by his comments and that they must intervene on his behalf.

Dyson also accused West of furthering white supremacy by giving "cover" to Trump and of being a puppet. He called West a ventriloquist dummy for white supremacists.

"This is time for us to say Kanye, we, as African-American people cannot stand idly by while you give cover to a man who is proved to be a white supremacist," Dyson said. "This is white supremacy by ventriloquism. A black mouth is moving but white racist ideals are flowing from Kanye West's mouth."

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