Chris Cillizza: Trump Producing A Daily Reality Show And He's Always The Star


CHRIS CILLIZZA, CNN: [President Donald Trump] loves celebrity. He is someone who came of age and was has been part of that New York City tabloid culture. This is a man -- I always remind people, he was a man who created a fake person named John Barron. That was him. That called the gossip tabloid Page Six sorts of establishments and talked about how virile, how appealing, who Donald Trump was dating, what women wanted to date Donald Trump. This is the world in which he has always lived.

If you want to think of Donald Trump, a wise person recently told me this, he's producing a daily reality TV show. And he's going with him always as the star. That's only through line. So, as Frank [Bruni] noted, today, and April [Ryan] talked about this too, today was Kid Rock, Kanye West, Jim Brown.

We didn't even mention this, don, 46-minute phone interview with FOX & Friends because that's what the star and producer of the reality show wanted today. Tomorrow he may want something totally different. But that's how you need to understand who this guy is and what he does on a daily basis.

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