Chuck Todd: Republicans "Outraged" At Ugly Political Environment They Created; Trying To Paint Dems As A Mob


NBC's Chuck Todd said President Trump and the Republican party are "outraged" at the ugly political environment that they "helped create." He also called out Republicans for being "outraged" when Democrats use nasty language that is acceptable when Trump says it. The NBC host also knocked Republicans for trying to paint Democrats as a "mob."

Todd said Republicans are using a "married to the mob" strategy, which he defined as painting Democrats as an angry mob.

"What world are we living in where the president and Republican leaders are outraged at the ugly nasty bare knuckles political environment they largely created? And they are outraged when a Democrat uses the kind of rhetoric and rebel rousing that the president has been using for years?" the 'Meet the Press' host asked.

"Okay, it is 26 days to the midterms and Republicans now seem married to this mob strategy, as part of their get out the vote effort," Todd coined. " What I mean by that is Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as an angry mob. And as part of that effort, they have surfaced comments made by former Attorney General and possible 2020 candidate Eric Holder."

Holder said when Republicans go low, we kick them, contradicting former First Lady Michelle Obama's message of "when they go low, we go high."

Todd didn't explicitly said that but implied Republicans are hypocrites.

"Those were the kinds of warnings we heard about the president's rhetoric," Todd said about the 'outrage. "But now Republicans are basically warning Democrats against doing what they have done. There's a word for that in politics."

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