Styx: Hillary Clinton Has Gone Literally Insane; Says Trump is a White Nationalist, Compares 2016 to 9/11


Vermont political analyst Tarl Warwick, who goes by the name Styxhexenhammer666 on YouTube, BitChute, Twitter, and more, discusses how Hillary Clinton looks when she tries to reinsert herself back into politics after twice losing the White House. He said that since she lost in 2016, he's been able to make a video or two per week just describing the "nutty" things Sec. Clinton had to say about President Trump, Russia, the election outcome, and her own supporters.

Via Washington Post: Hillary Clinton Compares Russia Interference in 2016 to 9/11 Attacks

"Like when she was talking about the #Resist pink pussy hat brigade," he said about Clinton, who had said something to the effect of, 'I wish they had showed up to vote on election day, now look at them protesting. They should have showed up to vote.'

"Yes," Styx rhetorically asked Clinton. "The people who are willing to protest and put on ridiculous looking pussy hats are the ones who stayed home and didn't vote for you, right, Ms. Hillary?"

"Or she'd blame the DNC for her problems, they didn't help me at all, I was on my own, I had to fend for myself, fund-raise and campaign at the same time," he continued. "Meanwhile her schedule was empty for every other week. She blamed everyone for her faults, except for herself."

"But she's gone extra insane today, she is now saying Trump is a white nationalist, the same shtick she's done. That's not new. But now she's also comparing the 2016 election to 9/11. Literally speaking. Where do you get off? By the way, if any other politician said this, they would probably be raked over the coals."

"The Republicans don't even care, they're not even going to bother attacking her, because they think as long as Hillary Clinton is center stage once in a while, and is allowed to say stupid things, it actually decreases her own support and the support of the Democratic Party. I think the Republicans love Hillary Clinton. They're glad she's not the president, but I think they want a long life, they want her to live another 20 years becuase she can't stop doing the Clinton Thing... basically a long-term revenge campaign that is only getting revenge against the Democrats."

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