McGurn: We Wouldn't Be Where We Are Today If Kavanaugh Had Not Given The Speech He Gave


FNC's Martha MacCallum hosts 'Wall Street Journal' editorial members to discuss Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's op-ed for the paper and his emotional Senate testimony:

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS: I think that if Brett Kavanaugh does get confirmed, Republicans and conservatives can point to those two heroes in this story. President Trump for giving them spine, as Dan puts it, and Mitch McConnell who has been just so stalwart and focus, Bill, and continuing to keep them. And nobody bailed on this nominee which I think a lot of us thought at some point they are going to, you know, cut their losses and move on.

WILLIAM MCGURN, EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER, WALL STREET JOURNAL: Right. And I agree with Dan. Look, we wouldn't be where we are today if Brett Kavanaugh had not given the speech that he gave at the -- I mean, knowing him as I do, I could see his body language getting comfortable but also give him credit because he said he would not withdraw. Vote against me but if we're going to have accountability.


MCGURN: Mitch McConnell has a constituency of three. Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski. And he's been very shrewd about how to -- how to go about it. I think actually in the end, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, I think they are fair-minded people. There is no evidence. I don't see them depriving a man of the seat based on an unsubstantiated allegation for so many years ago with no evidence.

And in fact, the evidence that we've got since she's made the charge contradicts her claim by the people that she supplied...

MACCALLUM: So even if he does secure his seat on the Supreme Court as a justice, I mean, I'm imagining that the day he has his first day in court, those steps are probably going to be flooded with protesters. I don't -- I think this will be very invigorating in some ways to Democrats.

MCGURN: I think it is but I think it's been invigorating through Republicans, you know, just from my informal nonpolitical contacts of what people say, especially the moms who have sons. And to see the unfairness, I think Mary makes a good point.

There are lots of people who owe Brett Kavanaugh an apology for their behavior. The way they throw around unsubstantiated charges, and there's nothing too crazy to throw up on the air or print or something to say about this guy.

And I'd like to know, look, when he gave that speech, I wanted to stand up and cheer. Because I know him, I know his wife, and I know his kids. And I thought he defended himself ably. And I would like to know if that's not right, but what is the proper comportment for a man accused of gang rape with no evidence? I mean--


MACCALLUM: It's been pretty tough as far.

MCGURN: Right.

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