Victor Davis Hanson: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's Story Has "Collapsed"; She Gave "One Too Many Narratives"


Author and conservative writer Victor Davis Hanson appeared on Laura Ingraham's FOX News show on Wednesday to weigh in on the Kavanaugh saga and explain how the story of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault, is falling apart.

Hanson said the renovation of her house to have a second front door didn't happen when she said it did and questioned the motive. Ford said it was due to claustrophobia she sustained from her alleged sexual assault. Hanson said the only reason people in Palo Alto have a second front door is for renters that work in Silicon Valley.

"Christine Ford's story is falling apart. Period," Ingraham began the segment.

"Do you remember Ford's bizarre story about wanting two doors in the front of her house? Well, the remodeling project she claimed prompted her to reveal the assault allegations back in 2012 to her then-therapist and to her husband. Well, now a RealClearPolitics Investigation found some discrepancies in her timeline. Records indicate the double-door renovation took place in 2008, four years earlier," Ingraham said.

He said Democrats are saying to themselves we lost the White House, Senate, House, so we have no way to get what we want so we will "bet the farm" and use "revolutionary" tactics to get their agenda done. Which, according to Hanson, includes ambushing people at restaurants and airports.

Hanson said there will be a referendum this fall on due process, reason, and custom.

"Are you for due process or are you for revolutionary fervor? Are you for reason or are you for emotion? Are you for this street antics that Antifa brought into the Senate or are you for custom and practice of the U.S. Congress?" he asked.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Coming into where we are today, she wasn't able to locate the supposed assault or the time or the date and she had the early 80s, the mid-80s, the late 80s, she was a young teenager, a little bit older. But I think there was a lot of doubt. Then we've had the collapse of the 5th accuser, 6th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd -- [Julie] Swetnick, [Deborah] Ramirez - that didn't help. And now we have the boyfriend coming forward and her own testimonies where she admitted that she flies regularly, that's corroborated by the boyfriend.

The two-door thing. People in Palo Alto have two doors for one purpose, not because they are claustrophobic because they want to get extra income and renter come in and that seems to be true for her.

I think the tragedy though, Laura, I don't think she'd ever think she'd have to come forward at all. She would write this anonymous writ and then that would sort of float out and cast doubt and that might just panic the Republicans and Kavanaugh would withdraw.

It's sad because she gave one too many narratives. She gave a narrative to the therapist. She gave a narrative to Dianne Feinstein. She gave a narrative to 'The Washington Post.' She gave a narrative through her testimony. She butted up against a pretty seasoned prosecutor. And those narratives cannot be reconciled, they are mutually exclusive. They contradict each other. Whether it's on the lie detector or the circumstances about flying or particular names that are supposed to corroborate. Here we are, it's collapsed.

Hanson responded to those who say Ford is incredibly believable:

HANSON: You can be sincere, maybe, empathetic, but it has nothing to do with reason and logic and credibility. She wasn't credible and I think the fact that she was empathetic and sincere only gets you so far. In a weird way, Cory Booker was right when he said this doesn't matter anymore because we're into the realm not of legality anymore. It's not about Kavanaugh. It's not about Trump. It's about raw sheer politics in the arena.

And the Democrats are saying, you know what, we lost the Senate, we've lost the House, we've lost the presidency, we're going to lose the Supreme Court. We have no other trajectory to get this progressive agenda so we're going to bet the farm so to speak that we're going to use revolutionary tactics. And now this election is a referendum on whether you believe you can swarm a Senator or you can get in the face of a Senator in the elevator or bother somebody in a restaurant...

Are you for due process or are you for revolutionary fervor? Are you for reason or are you for emotion? Are you for this street antics that Antifa brought into the Senate or are you for custom and practice of the U.S. Congress?

There is one other element. I think that they are really angry because it's kind of a self-inflicted wound. Barack Obama set that precedent: 'I won, elections matter.' Okay, that's what a president does when he wins. He picks people. Joe Biden, 30 years ago, never in his right mind thought that the Senate Judiciary Committee would be controlled by Republicans that there would be a lame duck Democrat when he made the Biden rule. Finally, Harry Reid never thought they would take the Senate, that the Republicans would, it's all come back.

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