Sen. Perdue to GOP: Time To Wake Up, Grow Up And Stop Playing Defense


Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) spoke to Laura Ingraham on Wednesday after he and his wife were accosted on Monday at Reagan National Airport by anti-Kavanaugh protesters.

"I don't know what the word 'woke' means but I think I do because I'm pissed this morning. I apologize to your listeners going in," he began the interview. "This is a sham, it's a new low in America. This level of character assassination I don't think we would see again in my lifetime but I'm disgusted with the process this week."

"It's time for Republicans to stop being the minority party, grow up and stop playing defense. This is the time right now," he said.

"These are not genuine people who are concerned about Dr. Ford or anything else, these are paid activists," said Perdue. This is a George Soros conspiracy, and it’s time we wake up, expose them, stand up and fight for our country, because that’s what’s at stake here."

"Republicans had better not be asleep because these people are mobilized, they’re funded, and quite frankly this is just the tip of the spear of all of their malign activity," he said.

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