Kimberley Strassel: If We Are Willing to Overthrow Due Process, We've Got Some Really Big Problems


'Wall Street Journal' columnist Kimberley Strassel talks about Brett Kavanaugh on the 'FOX News Sunday' panel. Strassel also said that outgoing Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was used to delay the confirmation vote.

CHRIS WALLACE, 'FOX NEWS SUNDAY' HOST: Are you willing to say that at the end of this week -- I know you're not going to like Judge Kavanaugh anyway, you don't agree with his judicial philosophy. But are you willing to say, if the FBI comes back and says, we have no evidence this guy did anything wrong, are you willing to say on that front, case closed?

FMR REP. DONNA EDWARDS (D-MD): Well, I think there are a lot of people who won't be voting for Judge Kavanaugh anyway on --

WALLACE: I know, but on this issue.

EDWARDS: -- on that point. And I think -- I think, look, Democrats agreed with Jeff Flake that the investigation would be open for this week. We will see with the FBI comes up with and then I guess the nomination will go forward or not.

But it's really important to do what can be done in this week. And I look at Dr. Ford and I'm going to tell you something, I've worked with, over the years, 20 years, a lot of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She was incredibly credible.

The things that she could remember where, as she said, indelible to the hippocampus, and I think that the FBI is going to get to some truth, and the scope of the investigation should not be limited and you got to look at his drinking, you got to look at his companions during this time period and there will be people to interview. I bet that house is going to be identified and we are going to get to the truth here.


KIMBERLEY STRASSEL, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: No. You have lots of people who go into lots of confrontations on a daily basis in courtrooms, outside of court rooms, employment disputes. They both present their sides as credible. Credibility is not the question here. It has to be evidence-based.

And this is what the FBI is now attempting to do, but it remains the case that before these hearings and after these hearings there is not a single piece of evidence beyond Christine Blasey's word in this that this happen. If we are willing to overthrow all of due process in the country and just say, OK, that won't be the standard anymore, one accusation is enough to lose you your job, your life, your home, we've got some really big problems.

So, the FBI is going to go out, that you already Democrats undermining the very FBI probe they called for, saying it's not long enough, it's not wide enough, it's not going to go on long enough. I can promise you, this probe is going to change one person -- one Democrats vote at the end of the day. This was about more delay. And Jeff Flake and the others need to understand that.

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