Dershowitz: Senate Special Counsel Mitchell Was "Incompetent," Did A "Terrible Job" Questioning Ford


Professor Alan Dershowitz, author of 'The Case Against Impeaching Trump,' weighs in on today's hearing with Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: She was totally and completely incompetent in terms of asking cross-examination questions. She has little experience. For example, the main issue now is whether or not she recognized Kavanaugh correctly. She was never asked whether how well she knew him, how many times she encountered him before this. How close was their relationship? There was nothing that could raise questions about whether even if she believes she is telling the truth, she may have misidentified. So she just did a terrible job. I think the Republicans realized that and they canned her in the middle. But it was a very bad choice.

TUCKER CARLSON: Those of us who ask questions for a living sat and wondered what is the point of this. Not that she is a bad person or stupid. You have been around Congressional testimony before. You have testified. When you were asking questions of a witness, aren't you doing so in order to prove a point, tell a story, you're doing it for some reason, aren't you?

DERSHOWITZ: You have to have a theory. Every question has to be part of a tactic. You ask question "A" in order to lay a foundation for "B." She was just asking questions. It just doesn't seem to go anywhere. she didn't have much of a point. And in the end, she accomplished nothing.

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