Mark Levin: Kavanaugh Accuser Ford Needs To Be Aggressively Crossed Examined, "She's Not The Bubble Lady"


Mark Levin appeared on Wednesday's 'Hannity' to speak about "disgusting spectacle" on the left as Judge Kavanaugh faces new allegations.

"They know where the Montgomery County Police Department is. They haven't walked a single one of their clients into that law enforcement office to file a complaint against Mr. Kavanaugh. They keep talking about the FBI. The jurisdiction is Montgomery County, Maryland."

"They don't want the war of law to apply," he said.

Levin also said the Senate Judiciary Committee are "either perverts or totalitarians."

"They are gleeful. They are excited. They are salivating over this," he said of Thursday's hearing. "It is a disgusting spectacle."

MARK LEVIN: I believe Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats, their lawyers, their operatives, the Senate, their shadows, all scheming around in the shadows, they have all come up with literally nothing tangible or concrete...

People keep saying that Brett Kavanaugh had six FBI background investigations. How many background investigations did Ms. Ford have? Zero. How about the other accusers? How many background investigations did they have? Zero...

I'm starting to wonder about the Senate Judiciary Committee. They're either filled with perverts or totalitarians. It's one or the other. They are gleeful. They are excited. They are salivating over this. It is a disgusting spectacle...

I keep hearing all over television, of course, 'I want to hear what Dr. Ford has to say. Of course, she has a right to say.' Of course, we all want to hear what Dr. Ford has to say. But Dr. Ford is an adult. She's a professor. She has a Ph.D. She's made an allegation against another human being. She needs to be crossed examined, aggressively. She's not the bubble lady. She needs to be questioned.

When somebody accuses somebody of a horrific crime, 36 years after the fact, said nothing to anybody else that we know of. At least, there is no witness of any kind. The four people she mentioned said, no, that's not true.

Ms. Ford needs to be questioned and thoroughly.

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