Blumenthal: Republicans Using A Woman Prosecutor At Kavanaugh Hearing, Afraid Of Saying Something "Insensitive"


Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) if Republicans were serious about getting to the bottom of this they would request an FBI investigation. He said Kavanaugh will "stain" the Supreme Court.

"Here's the way it probably will work," Blumenthal began to describe the hearing. "The sexual assault survivor Dr. Blasey Ford will appear and be questioned by a prosecutor selected by the 11 male Republicans. She is said to be a woman. We have no idea as to exactly who she is. And we as Democrats will do our constitutional duty. We will be asking questions of both her and then of Judge Kavanaugh."

"Do you think it's appropriate that it's not going to be Republican Senators asking questions but what they described as a career sex crimes prosecutor?"

"The question really is, Anderson, why are our Republican colleagues hiding behind a prosecutor?" Blumenthal asked. "And the answer I think was given earlier today by Bob Corker, our colleague, who said they feared saying something insensitive I think was the word they used that would then be repeated 24/7. We're not afraid of questioning witnesses. That's our constitutional duty. I think that that they should do their job."

"Republicans will say though, look, if it was all male Republicans asking Professor Ford questions that Democrats would have been critical that there were no female Republican Senators on the committee to ask questions," Cooper remarked.

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