RCP's Carl Cannon Interviews Rep. Issa: You Have To Work With Russia For World Stability


Carl Cannon, Washington editor for RealClearPolitics, interviewed Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) at a Google event 'Revitalizing American Industries' last week. Cannon spoke to the retiring Congressman about the upcoming midterm election, Facebook, Russian hacking, the economy, technology, and more.

Issa on U.S. relationship with Russia: "You've got to work with these people in Russia, the old Soviet Union, as though they're not bad, because you need them for stability around the world. And then you have to find ways to sanction them because they are bad. And we have done that through president after president. Negotiated, worked with them when we could, and sanction them and that's the status quo we're at right now."

Issa calls longterm tariffs bad:

“When you get a deal, you [have] to take it and turn off the tariffs as fast as they were turned on,” California Rep. Darrell Issa said Wednesday. “Long-term tariffs always, always hurt countries.” Speaking at an event hosted by RealClearPolitics on revitalizing American industries, with a focus on intellectual property, Issa added that if the president wanted Congress’ approval to sanction countries such as China over IP theft, the issue would have bipartisan support.

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