Sen. Blumenthal: Kavanaugh Will Cast A "Stain" On The Supreme Court


MSNBC: Senate Judiciary Committee announces it will hold a public hearing with Trump Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh and Professor Christine Blasey Ford, who alleges he sexually assaulted her. Attorney Maya Wiley tells Ari Melber that the allegation is an “abuse of power crime” and Senator Richard Blumenthal says the Senate should not hold hearings on the matter until the FBI has conducted their investigation, to avoid “shooting in the dark”.

"She actually hesitated for weeks asked for her name to be confidential, declined to come forward," Blumenthal said of Dr. Ford "She knew and foresaw this nightmare of hostile scrutiny. But equally important, the impact on the United States Supreme Court."

Blumenthal said if the nomination goes forward and Kavanaugh is confirmed he will "forever stain" the Supreme Court.

"Going forward with this nomination, will cast a shadow and stain on an institution that depends for its power on credibility and trust. It has no armies. It has no police force. It's obeyed because of its credibility and the American people's belief in its integrity. And this nomination will forever stain the Supreme Court in a way that I think may well beer repairable," the Senator said.

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